Sunday, June 28, 2015

Abbey Road, 221B Baker Street, and Buckingham Palace Oh My!

       Today started off at 3:30am because someone in one of the buildings decided to smoke inside of their dorm room and set off the fire alarm.  I was finally able to go back to sleep, but I missed my alarm to wake me up. So I just started my day a little later then I wanted to.  I stayed in my dorm for most of the morning and early afternoon doing some research for my paper before I had to meet up with my London Alive! group later that afternoon.

        At about 3pm I met up with the group to visit Abbey Road.  We were split up in to three groups because we were that big of a group.  I think about 50 of us signed up for that outing.  We took to the tube from Waterloo Station to St. John's Wood station. Then we walked a couple of blocks to get to Abbey Road.  Once we got there, it was extremely busy with people trying to walk across and take pictures, with people just trying to cross the street, and with cars driving.  Luckily I went with Cassie so we took turns taking each other's picture walking across. 

Once we crossed the street to get to the other side of the road we went to the Beatles Wall where people sign the wall in front of Abbey Road Studios.

       After that we went back to the tube to get to Baker Street.  Once we there, we went down the street to 221B, but it was very busy.  Instead we took pictures with the guard in front of the museum.  It's his job to let people in to the museum.

So we decided we would take the tour of the Sherlock Holmes Museum another day.  Instead, we went next door to a Beatles shop to look for cool Beatles merchandise.  Next we decided to hop back on the tube and head to Buckingham Palace.  Once we were there, we took pictures by the gates, we took pictures of the guards, and the surrounding area.  

      After the palace we decided to hop back on the tube to head back to the dorms to meet up with some more people to go get dinner.  We decided to go to Gabriel's Wharf to eat at the Gourmet Pizza.  It was delicious! Now I'm just resting up for tomorrow's visit to the Museum of London. 

Xoxo, Sarah

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