Thursday, June 25, 2015

Flight Day/First Day

       So I finaly landed in London this morning around 7am (aka 1am central time).  We, meaning me, Cassie, Whitney, Fitz, Taylor, and Lisa, left New Orleans, LA yesterday at about 9am, made it to Houston, TX where we had a 5 hour layover.  Then we left Houston at 3:15pm.  
(Houston Airport)

        All of this for my first airplane ride ever!  After we landed in London we went through customs to make sure it was legal for us to enter the country.  The man that helped me was very nice and asked me what I was studying, if I had ever visited the country before, which I had to inform him that was actually my first plane ride ever, so he asked me if I liked the flight. I told him that it wasn't as bad as I had thought it was going to be.  

         After customs, we had to go find our luggage that was checked on the flight.  Luckily I bought a bright pink suitcase so that I wouldn't miss it.  And I did not miss it! After that we met Dr. Davies and some of the staff members and students.  Then we boarded on coaches (buses) to take us to King's College London dorms.  

         Once we got to the dorms, we checked in, got our room keys, and got in to our dorms.  I unpacked enough so that I could take a shower and rest up before meeting up with Cassie and Whitney for lunch and shopping.  For lunch we went to Fishcotheque and I had the fish and chips.

        After lunch we walked back to the dorm to drop off leftovers and headed straight back out to go shopping for groceries at Sainsbury's.  Then we had a break until our orientation and neighborhood tours with our professors.  

        Dr. Griffis and Dr. Welsh led us on our LIS tour.  They showed us the important things like the place to do laundry, where we have class, several food places that look quite good to eat, Waterloo station for the Tube, good theatres, good bookshops, and a place to mail things off.  After that, we ate dinner as a class and walked back to the dorms.  Now I get to sleep so that we can go see Parliament tomorrow.
(The National Theatre)

(St. Paul's Cathedral)

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