Saturday, June 27, 2015

Parliament Tours and More!

     To start off the day, my LIS class met in a classroom to go over the finished schedule and to talk about what was going to happen for the rest of our stay here.  After we talked, we met with the other classes to walk over to Parliament. The classes were split up into two groups and we were the second group to head over. 
(Big Ben and Parliament)

       Once we got to Parliament, we were given our tickets and we waited in line to go through security because it is a government building.  Once inside, we were given headphones so that we could listen to the tour through audio instead of having a person guide us.  Which was great because even when we are split in half we are a big group of people.

      Parliament was beautiful! We got to walk through and see where the House of Lords and the House of Commons meet.  They both have separate rooms to meet in.  I was able to learn a lot from the audio tour. I wish we had that ability when we toured The Capitol in Washington D.C. last summer!

      After the tour was over some my classmates and I decided to go to the gift shop that was next to Westminster Hall in Parliament.  The gift shop had so many cool items like: mugs, pens, tea cups, books, magnets, postcards, and more all with different things on them in relation to Parliment.  Either it being Big Ben, House of Lords, House of Commons, or the Suffragettes to name a few.  

(Mural in St. Stephen's Hall in Parliament)

      Then we met up with some of our classmates and decided to go find lunch.  We tried to find The Café in the crypt of one of the churches in Traffalger square, but no such luck.  So we decided to go back to the other side of the Thames to the Southbank to find something for lunch.  We made it to a place called Eat. It is a place where you can get sandwiches, pies, and many more things.  I got a chicken, avocado, and bacon on a baguette with sour cream and black pepper crisps.  It was delicious!  After that we headed back to the dorms to rest.  

       I rested up for a bit and then headed out to get my Oyster card so that I can take pubic transportation.  It was pretty easy to get, I went up to a window and talked to a real person to make sure I got what I needed and did not mess anything up.  That's all for now!

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