Monday, June 29, 2015

Museum of London

Today we hopped on the bus and headed to the Museum of London.  There we went around and looked at the different sections of the museum. The sections are: London before London 450,000 BC - AD 50, The Romans and The River AD 50 - 410, Medieval London 410-1558 , War, Plague, and Fire 1550s - 1660s, Expanding City 1666 - 1850s, People's City 1850s - 1940s, World City 1950s - today, The City Gallery, The Sackler Hall, and The London 2012 Cauldron: designing a moment.  All of it was pretty cool to look at.  I liked to look at the information on the plague the most because it has always been a fascination of mine.  Also, being able to walk through the museum and see how London has changed since the prehistoric times was very interesting.  Being able to start the exhibit with viewing a mammoth's foot to going all the way to viewing the cauldron from the 2012 Summer Olympics was very mind blowing.

(St. Paul's Cathedral before it burned down)

This is a replica of the old St Paul's Cathedral before it burned down. This replica is over 100 years old.  It was made by J B Thorp in 1908 and was shown at the White City Exhibition.  In 1912, it was acquired by the London Museum.

This clock shows the time in London in hours, minutes, and seconds, and records the date, month, and mean solar time.  Also, there are eight 24 hour clock faces that gave the time for Sydney, Madras, New York, Canton, Calcutta, Paris, St. Petersburg, and Constantinople. The clock was part of the International Exhibition of 1862. 

This is a picture of one the videos that was playing in the exhibit of a couple doing the Charleston on a moving vehicle.  Throughout the video it showed life in London during that time.  

I loved visiting the museum because I was able to see how London changed and grew with the times.  

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