Thursday, July 2, 2015

Another Day in the Town (British Museum Archives)

Today we started off at the British Museum Archives.  We were split into 2 groups again and the first group had their tour then the second group had their tour.  While the tour was going on the other group had the opportunity to look around the museum.  I was in the second group so I got to look around.  One of the things that I saw was the Rosetta Stone.  I believe that it is the most popular item in the entire museum.

After our tour, that was given to us by Francesca the archivist, we were allowed to go get lunch and explore before we had to meet up at the Royal Geographic Society.  Me and a few of the other girls decided to head over to RGS and find lunch there.  However, we looked at the wrong directions and were led to another place.  But we made it there safely and before everyone else.  RGS was wonderful to look at, but I was so tired that I started to fall asleep.  

After our time at RGS, we headed back to the dorms.  Some of us met up with Drs. Welsh and Griffis to talk about our papers at the Old English Bank Pub.  It was great being able to hear other people's topics and to get feed back for my own.  

Till next time!

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