Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Traveling to Edinburgh and the First Day Here

So yesterday started off early at 7am with my flat mates having to put their items into my room for the week long break because my room is the storage room.  Next, I went down stairs to turn in my room key and to wait to board the bus.  Once we got on one of the three buses, we hit the road for the ten hour bus ride to Edinburgh.  Luckily every few hours we stopped to stretch our legs and to grab something to eat.  By about 6pm we made it to Edinburgh and our dorms.  Then we got our room keys and headed to our rooms.  The view from my room is beautiful (minus the building)!

Then I stayed in the room for the rest of the night and Skyped with Becca until I had to go to sleep.

Today, I got up and met some of my classmates in the lobby of the dorms for breakfast at the cafeteria.  Breakfast was delicious! I was surprised how good it was, plus it was my first hot breakfast since coming across the pond.  Then we met up in with the rest of the class and headed off to the University of  Edinburgh New College Library.  That library is pretty cool, it holds mostly theological books and has three floors of items besides the main floor and an off site storage which is already full!  

After our tour, we all split up and some of us went to the hop on hop off bus to get a tour of Edinburgh.  However, it was very cold and slightly wet for part of the ride, but luckily the sun came out and started to warm us up a bit.  

When we got off we got some food at a small pub and then headed off to the Scotch Whisky Experience.  

The tour started off as a ride in barrels telling us about the process of making whisky.  Afterwards, we went into another room and learned about the different types of whisky and had to decide which one we wanted to try just from the descriptions and a scratch and sniff card. I decided to try the whisky from the Lowlands.  However, before we could taste we had to go to another room filled with thousands of bottles of whisky and crowded around a table to be taught how to taste whisky.  All in all, I am not a big fan of whisky by itself.  

After that experience, we roamed up and down the street going into the shops getting some souvenirs.  Then we decided we needed a caffeine fix and we stopped at a small cafe.  Afterwards, we decided to hop on a bus and head back to the dorms.  

Till next time!

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