Wednesday, July 8, 2015

High Society (Maughan Library)

Today started with only some of us going to see the Magna Carta exhibit at the British Library.  It started off very well, but half way through it it seemed like an information overload.  However, at the end we got to see two copies of the Magna Carta, one washed out copy and one perfect copy.  Both were the real thing.

After that we headed back to the dorms to eat lunch before we had to head off to our next stop. Our next stop was to King's College's Maughan Library.  It was wonderful because they took out some of the things from their special collections for us.  

After we had our tour, we headed back to the dorms.  Then some of us met up to walk to The Old Vic Theatre to see High Society.  It was a wonderful performance.  I did not know anything about the performance before going to see it and I loved it.  The singing was wonderful, the acting superb.  I would go see it again if I could.

Till next time!

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