Sunday, July 5, 2015

Stonehenge and Winchester

Today we started off the day at 7:30am in the courtyard.  We boarded on to the coaches headed off to Stonehenge.  Once we got there, we got our audio guides and boarded on to another coach to take us to Stonehenge.

It was cold out there! The audio tour was great. It led us around Stonehenge and told us bits of information about Stonehenge and how it possibly came to be.  

Once we were done looking at Stonehenge, we boarded the coach and made our way to Winchester.  Winchester was very pretty, but hot compared to Stonehenge.  We made our way to Jane Austen's last house that she lived in for 6 weeks before she died.

It is a private residence, so this was as close as we could get.  After that we walked to Winchester Cathedral and looked around a bit.

Then we made our way back up he hill and went to King Arthur's knights of the round table.  

Currently the table is on the wall and not the ground.  After that we made it back to the coach and headed back to the dorms.

Till next time!

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