Saturday, July 11, 2015


        On Thursday, July 9, 2015 we got up early to meet in the courtyard to go to the Southbank pier to take a river taxi to Greenwich.  However, we had a little bit of a wait because there was a tube strike so everyone was trying to find alternative transportation.  Once we got on the boat, we made a handful of stops before it jetted off to Greenwich.  We got off the boat and headed towards the National Maritime Museum.  Some of us got something to drink or eat because we had left so early.  Then we met up with Mike Bevan, who split us up into two groups: one to go with him and one to go with his colleague.  I was in the group with him.  He gave us a tour of the library and archives and then brought us back downstairs to look at some of the items that he had pulled out for us to look at. 

        Then we were set free upon the town of Greenwich for the day.  Some of us decided to go get something to eat.  We landed on a place called Pie and Mash.  I got a chicken and ham pie with mash.  It was delicious!  Then we went to the market that was set up to look around before we made the trek up to the Royal Observatory.  Once we made the steep trek to the Royal Observatory we took pictures between the east and west longitude line. 

        Then we trekked back down and looked around for a bit.  Next we decided to head back to London by way of the river taxi.  Once we got off the taxi some of us were split up so we had to make the trek back to the dorms separately.  Once back, I ate some dinner and headed to bed.

Till next time!

                               (Visitor's Center in Greenwich)

                                (One of the buildings Christopher Wren designed)
                                (Another set of buildings that Christopher Wren designed)

                                            (One of the anchors outside of the museum)

                                            (The steep hill to the Royal Observatory)

                                            (The view from about halfway up the steep hill)

                                            (The Queen's House)

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