Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Feed the Birds (St. Paul's Catherdral and the Victoria and Albert Museum)

Today we met at 9:30am in the courtyard to catch the bus to St Paul's Cathedral.  The cathedral is very beautiful.  We met with the librarian who took us up stairs to the library.  The library is just a room in the upper floor of the cathedral.  However, he sang a few bars of Feed the Birds for us.

After the tour some of us had lunch in the cafe in the crypt.  It was delicious! Then we made our way to the Victoria and Albert museum to their National Art Library which is housed inside the museum.  The library is Victorian styled and beautiful.

We received a tour and a viewing of some of their rare items.  I got to touch a book from the 1500s!  Then we headed back to the dorms to eat some dinner to get ready for the London Eye.  The London Eye was great! It is similar to a Ferris wheel, but more stable and similar to a bubble.

Luckily no one got sick.  It was great being able to see so much of London.

Till next time!

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