Sunday, July 5, 2015

Canterbury and Dover

I spent the Fourth of July touring Dover castle and Canterbury.  We met in the courtyard for 7:45am to take a coach to Dover castle.  Dover castle is beautiful! However, it was freezing! They have a couple of outer walls before you get to the keep.  I went in to the keep and all the way to the top! That is a lot of stairs.

After we went to the top, we made our way down by stopping at the different floors of the keep to see what displays were on each floor.

After we toured around Dover castle, we boarded the coaches and made our way to Canterbury.  Once we got there, we had about a ten minute walk to get to the cathedral.  But before we got to the cathedral, we stopped at a restaurant to eat some lunch.  Once we finished we made the trek to the cathedral.  Wes had to pay to get in, but it was worth it! The cathedral was beautiful! 

We got to tour the inside before their services. It was beautiful on the inside.

After we toured the inside, we went outside and toured around the grounds.  We found a herb garden that was very nice to look at.

After we finished our tour, we made it back to the bus.  Since we got back for dinner time we decided to find some American food to celebrate the Fourth of July.  We decided to go to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen.  I had an avocado, bacon burger with fries and a chocolate milk shake.

How more American can you get?

Till next time!

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